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My name is David Merner, and I hope to serve as your next federal Green Party Member of Parliament for Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke.

Join our campaign, and you’ll be electing a Green champion in Ottawa to serve this community alongside Elizabeth May in the House of Commons.

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About David

As a father to four daughters, husband of 24 years, lawyer for over 28 years, political volunteer for 35 years, and enthusiastic hockey player for 50 years, David Merner understands the importance of commitment, hard work, creativity and fun.

David earned degrees from Harvard College, the University of Alberta, Oxford University and the University of Toronto, and has been called to the bar in both British Columbia and Ontario. He advised Ministers at the Department of Justice and Privy Council Office in Ottawa for 15 years before moving back to B.C. to help reform the province’s justice system into the most innovative in the world.

David is an avid volunteer both close to home and abroad. He has been lucky enough to provide support to organizations like The Land Conservancy of B.C. and Habitat Acquisition Trust, and has served on election observation missions in Haiti and Ukraine. He also volunteered for the Liberal Party of Canada for over 30 years and ran for the Liberals in Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke in 2015.

In 2018, David decided he could not support a party that serially breaks its promises. He joined the Green Party because he believes our democracy should work for all voters, not just party elites. That taxpayers should no longer spend $3.5 billion annually on fossil fuel subsidies. That the purchase and twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline is a huge mistake for taxpayers and the environment. That it’s time for real change in Canadian politics and Canada’s economy.

Most importantly, effective leadership is essential to climate action. To lead effectively, the Green Party of Canada must win seats. David has campaigned on winning Green campaigns in British Columbia with Paul Manly and Adam Olsen, in Ontario with Mike Schreiner, and in New Brunswick with Megan Mitton. Through hard work, inspiration and fun, he is dedicated to winning a Green Party seat in Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke on October 21, 2019.

Core Values


The following core values have shaped my life and continue to motivate me.


1. Equality and inclusion: From a young age, I’ve seen the effects of inequality and exclusion. For example, as a law student I worked for a lawyer on a reserve that had Canada’s highest suicide rate. Canada is much better than most countries at acting on these values, but we can and must do better, particularly for Indigenous people and people living in poverty.


2. Justice is a value that stands for practical actions like “treat people fairly”, “stand up to bullies”, and “hold the powerful accountable”. To me, good government depends on a deep commitment to justice, including social justice. The SNC-Lavalin scandal is an excellent reminder that Canadians care deeply that justice is done and justice is seen to be done by our government.  

3. Ethical leadership: Experience as a professional public servant and a volunteer in politics have shown me that ethical leadership is essential to Canada’s future. Leaders who say one thing then do another undermine our government and our democracy. Leadership matters, and Canada deserves better leadership now.


With my experience and your support, we can surprise the old-line parties and make real change happen in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke in 2019. Voters are tired of voting for political parties that say one thing before the election then whip their MPs to do the opposite when they form government. We’ve seen this with the Liberals on democratic reform and the environment, the Conservatives on veterans, and the NDP on fracking in BC.


Green MPs are free to follow their ethical beliefs on every vote in Parliament. Let’s send a message to Canada and the world about the importance of climate action, social justice, shifting to an innovation economy, and ethics in government. Let’s send a Green MP to the House of Commons from Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke.

Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party of Canada) and David Merner (Green Party Candidate for Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke)

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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