Merner promises to rebuild Green Party grassroots enroute to electing strong Green caucus to Parliament

Saanich, BC, Sept 15—At a virtual press conference on Zoom today, David Merner, a leading contender in the Green Party leadership race, laid out his plan to elect a strong Green caucus to parliament.

“The Green Party must become a more competitive and effective political party”, he said.  My goal as leader is to achieve official party status and establish the Green Party as a political force in Canada. I believe we can elect 20-30 MPs if we use the right strategy—a grassroots strategy supported by a national campaign that has Canadians talking about the Green Party in every corner of the country.”

To achieve these objectives, David Merner is proposing to share power with Green Party members and their riding associations, by: i) Establishing Electoral District Associations in every riding; ii) Sharing revenue with riding associations so local campaigns can be properly funded; iii) Professionally training riding associations and campaign teams; iv) Running a truly national campaign that supports all candidates; v) Remaining true to ourselves and to Green Party core values.

“Our candidates must be properly funded in order to compete. My plan ensures they will have the support they need to be successful at the polls on election day”. To do this, we must do it together.” Merner said.

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David Merner is a candidate for leadership of the Green Party of Canada. David advised Ministers as a lawyer in Canada’s justice system for 28 years, first in Ottawa at Canada’s Department of Justice and Privy Council Office, then in Victoria at the BC Ministry of Attorney General. As a candidate for the Green Party of Canada in Esquimalt—Saanich—Sooke in 2019, as a Shadow Cabinet Critic for Democratic Reform and for Justice, and as a husband and father of four daughters, David has learned how to listen and lead.

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Press Conference - Transforming the Green Party

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