David Merner 2020 Listening Campaign

As I traveled across Canada in February and March on a 2020 Listening Campaign, I heard many inspiring comments and questions about the future of our planet, mass species extinction, our economy, justice for Indigenous people, proportional representation, guaranteed livable income, the just transition, and a lot of other issues.  Please see below for the Green Party’s key policy documents covering these issues and many others .

Greens say loud and clear that the membership, not the Leader, sets policy in our party. But folks also want to hear about my personal policy interests. I love to discuss policy, including: (1) Our democracy works for politicians, but not for the people. Proportional representation puts power back into the hands of the people. (2) One of the reasons I went into law was to address the injustices Indigenous people face in Canada. Now, more urgently than ever, we must close the “implementation gap” between fine words and effective action on the ground. (3) Our economy, our governments, and our society are failing millions of Canadians marginalized by poverty, addiction, homelessness, mental health, and deeply entrenched racism. It’s time to unite and to build a movement of movements around deep change.

~David Merner

David Merner

Green Party of Canada Leadership Candidate

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Leadership Candidate, Green Party of Canada