Guaranteed Liveable Income

In grocery stores across Canada people are standing in line and wondering: ‘Do I have enough to pay for this?’ Canadians living in poverty face this question every day.


This is a question of fairness and inequality. It's also about Canada’s economy. It’s much more difficult for Canadians to go back to school, cross Canada to a new job, or start a small business if we can’t afford groceries. For those of us living hand to mouth, it’s very hard to leave a bad job or a high-risk relationship. But there’s another way: the Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI). 


The pandemic is showing how Canada can afford to end poverty and build a safety net for disabled folks, people who lose their jobs, and students who can’t find jobs. The GLI is much less expensive, more fair, and easier to administer than the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Let’s turn the CERB into a Guaranteed Liveable Income of $2000 a month for anyone over the age of 18. 


With a guaranteed livable income:


  • fewer people will fall through the cracks thanks to a single, simple program. 

  • we will save taxpayers’ hard earned money. We know this because the Parliamentary Budget Officer has reviewed the costs of a GLI; its costs are lower than the CERB. 

  • working conditions would improve as low wage employers adjust to attract employees. 

  • we will address labour disruptions due to automation in a systematic, fair way.

  • we will cut: 

    • child poverty, with its long term impacts on health (including cognitive function and anxiety).

    • healthcare costs, particularly the cost of mental health services.

    • justice system costs, including costs relating to young people.

    • the gap in incomes between women and men. Mothers who now bear most of the cost of raising children in Canada will not be forced to choose between unpaid work at home and putting children in daycare.  

Let’s get our economy moving through an injection of funds that will begin to circulate immediately. Let’s dramatically improve the lives of millions of Canadians.

David Merner

Candidat dans la course à la direction du Parti vert du Canada

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